A journey to remember and reclaim your personal power awakening your intuition. 

Who is this course for?

You, the woman who wants to live in harmony with her inner and outer nature, who desires to awaken all the gifts as an intuitive healer and medicine woman.

This is a self-discovery journey to recognize & reclaim your inner gifts.

You will learn practical tools of intuitive healing and knowledge from different ancient traditions, all easy to understand and useful for your everyday practice.

We will go through key concepts like awakening the third eye to reignite your intuition, how the energy systems works, understanding the five elements as forces of nature, guides, power animals, lunar cycles, dreamwork, and sacred sexuality.

Although these concepts may seem unrelated, there is one thing in common. Everything is energy, and we can use it in different ways. When we understand how to use our energy, we understand the patterns of the universe in a tangible way.

During each week, you will work with different archetypes or information from the unconscious that will allow you to access the hidden parts of the psyche.

We will also use energy healing methods from ancient traditions, oracle readings, meditation, creativity, and other intuitive tools.

Each part of this journey has been created for you to awaken the magic that lives within and learn how to use your innate gifts.

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  Awakening The Medicine Woman
Available in days
days after you enroll
  The Chakras: Getting to know my energy system
Available in days
days after you enroll
  The Elements: Working with the forces of nature
Available in days
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  How to blossom with the moon cycles and flow with the rhythms of life.
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  Spirit animals
Available in days
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  Reading the unconscious mind through dreams.
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  Pleasure as a source of creation: Cosmic Orgasms
Available in days
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Intuitive Magic Course

Awaken your intuition


Intuitive Magic + 2 Sessions (1 on 1 healing)


A 150-page digital workbook with practical and easy to do at home exercises of energy healing. 

a 27 Page Manifestation guide to ground your dreams.

 It is a perfect complement for women working in the area of personal development.


Private Telegram group to share with your community

This will only be for the women who are taking the course to share their experiences. 

Live Sessions

Join our once-a-month live sessions to practice.

This is not a pre-recorded class this is an intimate transformational container in which you will be able to practice your gifts with other sisters. 

Behind the creation of the course

With much love and joy I share with you this journey designed for the medicine woman. For years I have been studying and learning the path of the healer and now the time has come to share my medicine. This journey is a compilation of all the knowledge I have acquired throughout my own personal development process. Knowledge of different ancestral traditions, psychology, archetypical work, energy healing practices, sacred plants and teachers who have shared their knowledge with me. 

Nature is wise and if we manage to communicate with her in an active way we can discover all her secrets. 

So for this very reason, I have decided to share from my vision the path of the medicine woman. Women who are free, empowered, and in harmony with their external and internal nature. 

This is the perfect time to share ancient knowledge in a way that is easy to understand for the new generations that are awakening all their innate gifts. 

"Everything is possible, you just have to remember who you are." 

With love,