Welcome to a magical journey of self-discovery.

This learning portal has been designed for you to
embrace all your natural gifts, align yourself to your purpose,
awaken your innate wisdom and express your creativity
in multiple ways.

Get to know me!

Awaken your creativity

Creativity is a source of infinite energy. As a creatrix, my mission is to help you awaken the portal of creation, reconnect to the sacred and remember who you truly are.

Learn healing practices

Walk the path of the medicine woman and learn the arts of healing from ancient techniques to everyday practices. Every course is embedded with magic and healing tools that will allow you to fully embody your purpose.

Express your inner beauty

Expression is a reflection of one’s inner world, we will experiment with different techniques in different areas, such as personal development, design, art, and music. Anything that allows us to dive deep into reconnecting to our soul and embracing personal power.

Hi, I’m Susana

Healer, Brand Creatrix &

Visionary Artist

With love and intention, I've created every course to help you bloom in your full expression of beauty.

My passion became my purpose, and my purpose became my lifestyle when I started flowing and embracing my natural abilities, in other words, when I began embodying who I really was.

In this ongoing journey, I realized that some of the hardest parts of starting a project had to do with the amount of emotions that surround our dreams, and a big part of the success had to do with alignment. 

Starting a new project or embracing who you are is about believing that you are unique, and people will love you for your unique gifts, so with the right guidance, it's easy to flow and set the right intension, one that feels true to who you are.